Smartmesh - technical screen printing mesh from Nittoku

There are various possible applications for using technical screen printing fabrics. They have long been used in the manufacture of ceramic products such as PV panels, electronic components and IT equipment. With IoT, the Internet of Things, they are currently finding a new area of application in elements for functional clothing.

Nittoku provides a clear answer to the ever-changing demands made on industrial screen printing mesh fabrics: diversity and 100% quality.

I have been a direct importer of Nittoku for Germany since 2016.

My experience and the possibilities offered by Nittoku fabrics open up technical screen printing applications to you that may not have existed before.



The industrial screen printing mesh sets benchmarks in the fields of high tension, alignment and lifetime.

Polyester upgrade with steel performance / Unique in stretchability and geometry

Totally unique antistatic polyester fabric for high-resolution copying results.

Fine wire screen printing mesh made of stainless steel or tungsten with breathtaking resolution and brilliant print quality

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